Brawer Properties offers low cost convenient services for individuals and companies.

Move Gas and electricity for free.
For individuals and companies.

Send us your documents by email and we'll send you back some pre-compiled forms which you have to sign and return to us by email or hand it over to the closer "Mail Boxes Etc" center.

Home staging service.
Expert designers, decorators, painters, gardeners and photographers, turns your property into a dream house.

Project "Ethical house".
Certification of ecological and social sustainability of the product and its supply chain. Storytelling of the company to enhance and value its quality compared to aggressive competitors in regard to costs, prices and ability to obtain specific incentives.

Technical services.
Urban/cadastral due diligence, appraisals, certification of value, architectural and engineering design and industrial planning for real estate transactions.

Personal assistant buyer.
A dedicated multilingual assistant to help the client from arrival to departure throughout all the phases of search, selection and finalization of the real estate purchase, organization of trips and free time so to reduce the lenght of stay.

Services for property managers.
Seismic Certification (CIS) and securing of buildings along with specific work to improve energy efficiency, implementation of a cogeneration plant (CHP) able to cover the entire heating and electrical requirements for all condos. All billed through the standard gas and electricity bills. Call us for info.

International accounting services.
Low cost fees.
Check out our prices here:
Accounting fees

Marketing services.
Our team of experts in cooperation with a first-class business association will support you in a modern and economical marketing project.

Brawer Properties Cashback.
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Cashback at every purchase in dozen of thousand of shops and companies in the world and much more.

Low cost real estate agency.
Sell your house for only €1500,00* VAT included, plus, the buyer pays nothing!

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* Price referred to an estate up to 500.000 € of value. For higher value houses see our rate table.